This Mall Might Look Ordinary, But Wait Until You See The Inside

The New World Mall in Bangkok used to be a bustling shopping center, but it was closed in 1997 and abandoned after the roof was destroyed in a fire. Today, a very different consumer has moved into the mall’s charred remains…

Fish. And not just a couple…thousands upon thousands of fish. Species include catfish, koi fish, mango fish, goldfish, and silver fish. But how did they all get in there?

Without a roof, the abandoned mall quickly became flooded, creating a mass breeding ground for mosquitos. 


In a flash of genius, locals and business owners decided to introduce freshwater fish to the mall. 

The plan worked for everyone – the fish fed on the pesky mosquitos and the outbreak was quelled. 

Local merchants even created a new source of commerce by selling fish food to tourists outside the mall.

There’s no evidence that anyone has ever fished from the escalator – but it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. 


You can take a video tour of the mall here:

This story is an incredible example of man and nature working in harmony. Share it with your friends and family, and don’t forget to check it out for yourself if you ever travel to Bangkok. 

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic | Jesse Rockwell

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