This Mama Bison Scoffed At A Coyote's Attempts To Harm Her Newborn Calf

When a coyote at Yellowstone National Park tried to approach a newborn bison calf, it wasn't long before Mama Bison stepped in and took charge of the situation.

As seen in a series of photos taken by park ranger Joy Guffy and posted to Yellowstone's Twitter account, the bison's mothering (or maybe smothering) instincts kicked in right away, and she showed that ol' coyote who's the boss around these parts.

Initially, the coyote comes in a little bit aggressively, but this tough mama isn't having any of it. She starts to protect her baby and circle the coyote threateningly until, as seen in the final photo, the coyote cowers down and decides to slink away.

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H/T: Rare

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