This Man Can Transform Himself Into Any Female Celebrity. How He Does It Is Just Mind Boggling.

Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino television host, is a human chameleon. He is incredibly skilled at using wigs, makeup and colored contacts to imitate the looks of various celebrities. The resemblance is truly uncanny. You might find it hard to believe that Paolo is actually beneath the layers of makeup, but this only attests to his amazing attention to detail. 

These transformations have garnered him a good amount of attention, in addition to his television career, on his Instagram account. Check out some of his photos below!

Ariana Grande

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lawrence


Daenerys Targaryen


Tyra Banks

Megan Fox

Julia Roberts


Katy Perry

Do you think Paolo would be open to using his skills on others? Perhaps he could start giving makeovers! 

Credit: Instagram

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