This Man Disassembled Two Lighters. What He Did With The Pieces Is Completely Unexpected.

Sometimes, it just seems like everything has been done. It’s easy to think, with the advent of 24/7 information from the internet, that there's nothing new under the sun. However, this man knew better. He picked up two simple household lighters and thought, "I can do something with these." And the results are impressive. 

Who knew there were so many parts in two lighters?

Just combining these two pieces already makes it much cooler.

These ordinary lighters turn into something familiar, albeit, on a much smaller scale. 


Hmm, that looks awfully familiar....

And voila!

Two teeny, tiny motorcycles. 

All it takes is a little creativity to make these little guys. 

And it was only made out of parts found in two lighters.


How cool is that?

All from two humble lighters. 

There are so many clever tinkerers, hackers and makers out there creating new projects. How do you decide to create two motorcycles from two lighters? We have no idea but, thanks to this brilliant inventor, we now know how. 

Credit: Reddit l ViralNova

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