This Man Put His Woodworking Skills To Good Use And Created The Best Ring Box.

The somewhat mystifying woodcutting machine, the Shapeoko, is a marvelous little machine, but buried under all the technical specs, you might be wondering what the heck this thing DOES exactly. Joe's design of a ring box not only perfectly showcases the Shapeoko's almost magical powers, it also shows his lady what a high-class gentleman she's snagged. Bravo, sir.

This is the Shapeoko, a computer-aided drafting machine. It ships as a kit and takes about 2 hours to assemble.

Because it's a computer-aided machine, you can make your design on a computer, which is much more forgiving to mistakes and changing your mind, before you even touch a piece of wood.

Of course, you still need to select the perfect wood for the job. In this case, burr oak.

Here is the wood before planning.

From Joe: "I also built a box around the outside of the shapeoko with a lexan front shield. I have been working in an apartment, so this made it quieter, and much easier to clean up. The stock doesn’t exactly fit inside the box though."

"Here's the software I used.  I forgot the take a picture of it before.  I'm using an arduino with grbl (0.9) and a grblshield. I'm using inventor with hsm for all the designs and gcode and universal gcode sender for sending the files."


A layer of stain.

Here is the jewelry tray.

And the mechanical parts. Look at that precision.

An adorable heart-shaped key opens up the aperture into a secret component.


And now the finishing touch: a diamond ring.

Who wouldn't say yes to this?

Credit: Imgur

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