This Man Started With A Rusty, Old Shipping Container. What It Looks Like Now Is Beyond Belief

An Irish company by the name of "Cesarean Architects" teamed up with another exceptional group, the "Ripple Container Homes Project," to create the perfect transformation of an old rusty container. What they turned it into is absolutely inspiring, but their motives are even more so. When the project was finished, they donated their creation to the St. Vincent de Paul charity, a homeless advocacy group.

A rusty 40' x 10' container was all they had to work with. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here they are getting started on the project. The front is carved out for the front windows and door.

More than 60 suppliers worked on the job, and teams were assembled to build as quickly as possible. 


All building materials were donated by vendors and outside contributors. A lot of people's time and money went into this superb idea.

Considering what they started with, the final product is absolutely stunning. This looks like the ultimate cozy home.

A lot of materials were donated to the build, including this beautiful bamboo.

A kitchen, living space, bathroom, and a bedroom with twin bunk beds fill up the interior nicely.


With the tremendous amount of help from everyone involved, the home was built in three short days. The lucky family received their home just in time for Christmas.

Want a closer look at the layout? Here is a clear view of how the rooms and furniture were put together. 

Credit: Tiny House for Us | Ceardean Architects 

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