This Man Weighs 560 Pounds And Calls Himself The 'Fat Guy.' What He's Doing Today Will Inspire You

When Eric Hites turned 40, he took stock of his life and realized he needed to make some big, big changes. After losing his job, seeing his marriage falling apart and looking at a future of serious obesity-related health complications, Hites decided it was time for a cross-country adventure. It would give him time to reflect, motivate himself and, most importantly, lose some of the weight. 

When he took off on his journey from Falmouth, Massachusetts, Hites weighed 560 pounds.

Hites is two months into his journey to Pasadena, California. So far, he's made it to Rhode Island with 60 pounds down.

With his current slow-and-steady-wins pace, Hites estimates it will take him the remainder of the year. He is currently looking for sponsors and has raised $3,300 on his fundraising page.

During Hites's stay in Rhode Island where Hites found himself with a badly bent rear bike rim, bike shop owner Rob Purdy donated a new bike to Hites. As Purdy told his local news, "I was pretty inspired. I was like, he's kind of crazy, you know what I mean? That's an interesting way to approach trying to lose weight and get your life on track." 

Hite is blogging and photographing the remainder of his trip on his blog, Fat Man Across America. No matter come what may, he's determined to finish this journey, saying "Most of all [I] want to show the love of [my] life, that [I] will be around for the long haul, to be there when [we] are old, and to prove by actions instead of words in a big way that... love has no bounds."

Via: Fat Man Across America

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