This Man Wore A Dress To His Friend's Funeral. When I Found Out Why, I Needed A Tissue

It was five years ago that Black Watch infantryman Kevin Elliot jokingly made a bet with his best friend, Barry Delaney, before he was deployed to Afghanistan. As part of the bet, Kevin Elliot told his friend that he would have to wear the tackiest dress to his funeral if he were ever killed in action. 

Unfortunately, Elliot’s request became a reality when he was killed in a Taliban ambush three years later.  Delaney stuck to his promise by attending his best friend’s funeral in a brightly colored dress with bright pink socks to match.


On the day of Elliot’s funeral, Barry put on the most ridiculous dress he could find. His choice of dress raised a few eyebrows at first, but everyone quickly became aware of the promise he had made with Kevin a few years earlier.

Everyone who attended the funeral was touched by Daniel’s gesture to his lost friend.  He recalled how terrified his friend was before he left to Afghanistan, and how he talked about the countless booby traps and formidable enemies who appeared to get stronger with every passing week.


When Daniel knelt down on the floor to ask Eliott if he liked the color of his dress, he immediately broke down into tears because he knew that he would never be able to hear his response.

Credit: The Guardian

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