This May Be The Most Adorable Dog Ever, And The Internet Is Going Barking Mad Over Its Cuteness

Is this little pup the cutest dog in the world? Judging by the reaction the internet has had over this teacup puppy, I'd have to say so. Once you get a look at him, you will probably agree. Just check out that adorable little pink sweater and the sparkly bow tie.

How cute is that??

This adorable pup has become a viral sensation on social media, and it's pretty easy to see why.

Although people on the Internet haven't been able to confirm the dog's whereabouts or what breed it is, but they've been making a lot of guesses. What breed do you think it is? 

Some are speculating that the little white pup is a Yorkie, while others think it's a Maltese mix. 

This puppy isn't the only one driving the internet barking mad, however. There's also this little white pom pom of a dog.

And how about this adorable pooch who looks like a little teddy bear?


Then there's Benzi Boo, the micro Maltese who was photographed wearing glasses and a tie.

Oh my! This teacup pup literally fits in a teacup!

Do you have an adorable puppy? If so, we'd really love to see a pic in the comments.

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H/T: Aunty Acid

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