This May Look Like A Giant Boulder, But There Is Something Inside That I Never Expected.

The Swiss Alps is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, if not the world. Lush, green valleys and endless, snow-capped peaks present visitors with some absolutely stunning and dramatic scenery. One thing that has kept this mountainous terrain so pristine is that it's incredibly difficult to build anything. Materials can't simply be driven up a cliff-side and any buildings that are constructed often require some clever engineering, which can be costly. Not only that, but the Swiss are unsurprisingly protective of their majestic views and there are often some very stringent building codes. 

Design studio Bureau A was charged with creating a small retreat that would be easy to site on the mountainous slopes and also disappear into the landscape. There are plenty of rocks and boulders to be found in the Alps and this is where the studio found their inspiration.

The size might be the first thing you notice about this particular stone; the window is probably next.

Constructed off-site using a simple wooden frame and a lot of spray foam, the cabin was driven up winding, mountain roads before being lowered into place on a sturdy bed of rocks.

It can get a little cold in the Swiss Alps, so this rock comes equipped with its own wool blanket and wood stove. Perfect for cozying up. The foam exterior offers incredible insulation, as well.


Cleverly designed, built-in furniture also provides storage for bedding and other supplies.

In the snows of winter, the camouflage is even more effective. If not for the door, you'd never know it wasn't a simple boulder.

A skylight lets the daylight in and creates a sense of space, even when the window has been closed up.

This is just one take on creating a living space that doesn't intrude on nature. Who knows what will come next?

Credit: Roadtrippers | BUREAU A 

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