This Mid-Century Gas Station Was Abandoned For Several Years, Until Someone Turned It Into This.

If you're traveling through the southern Californian tourist town of Ojai (which is pronounced "oh, hi" like “Ojai didn't quite expect to see you but is happy you're stopping by”), you'll see a charming mid-century gas station on West Ojai Avenue.

But the gas isn't pumping here. Nope, even better, It's been converted to a dreamy boutique shop called Summer Camp.

It lives in this restored old pumping station and it is full of vintage, handcrafted and completely charming home decor and clothes.

You can't help but compare it to Wes Anderson's summer-camp-inspired film "Moonrise Kingdom".


It's owned by awesomely creative couple Mike and Rachel who'd been dreaming of their shop for years when they saw the "for lease" sign on the gas station. 

“Any kid who went to summer camp remembers a whimsical place where days are spent exploring, learning new things, and sometimes falling in love. We want to take those childhood memories and create a place that embodies all the things we love about Summer Camp.”


They've handpicked their selection with an emphasis on vintage, repurposed and American-made goods.

Credit: Summer Camp

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