This Might Look Like A Box Of Junk, But Wait Until You See What This Man Does With It.

As a child, this man's family just didn’t have the money to spare to be able to give him new toys. Luckily, what he lacked in money, he made up for with a rich imagination. He found a way to make little figurines out of cheap, simple household items... and thus the Twist Tie Guys were born.

Using just twist ties and wrapping them around themselves, he was able to make a huge range of figurines to play with.

Some of these are seriously cool.

Here’s the infamous box where his creations were kept.

They may not be brand-name toys like GI Joe or Transformers, but you have to admit they are pretty awesome.


His imagination as a kid must have been absolutely extraordinary.

Not many other eight-year-olds could be this creative.

Seriously, look at these things.


He should be designing for World of Warcraft or something.

This is his version of the Serenity, from Joss Whedon’s series “Firefly”.

I wonder what my kids would do if I gave them a pile of twist ties for Christmas. I’m not sure they’d take advantage of it the way this guy did, but a mother can dream!

Credit: Reddit

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