This Might Look Like A Typical Box Of Toothpicks, But Wait Until You See What This Man Does With It.

Bob Morehead has a deceptively simple biography on his Deviant Art profile, which says, "I create things with toothpicks." This is an understatement: Bob has spent years and over 300,000 toothpicks to create gorgeous, unique sculptures.

These cityscapes are born out of his creativity.

And many, many toothpicks.

He's spent years perfecting his craft.

And it's absolutely gorgeous.


It's a patience and discipline that very few people possess.

Incredible that the only material he uses is toothpicks.

This entire city? All toothpicks.

They're glued and shaped into additions for the toothpick city.

Even the bricks and rocks are formed from toothpicks.


It's mind-bending.

Each structure takes countless hours to complete.

Not to mention the time waiting for the glue to dry.

I can't imagine having the patience for this.

It looks so simple at first, but the attention to detail is magical.

Credit: Bob Morehead 

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