This Might Look Like An Ordinary Airplane, But Wait Until You See The Hotel Inside It

Everyone loves a vacation, but it's always so obnoxious going from the plane through baggage claim, through the taxi line and to the hotel. Don't you wish the hotel could just come to you, straight to the plane?

Ok, that isn't exactly what's going on here, but you can almost imagine it that way at Hotel Costa Verde in Quepos, Costa Rica. Over a coastal rainforest bluff, this incredible two bedroom, retrofitted 1965 Boeing 727 provides surprisingly spacious accommodations. 

This plane was previously a shuttle for travelers who arrived from South Africa on South African Air and Avianca Airlines in Colombia. The plane's airframe was salvaged piece by piece, and it made its journey from San Jose Airport to Quepos through the jungle of Manuel Antonio. The plane now rests on a 50-foot pedestal at the hotel, just on the edge of the National Park. 

From its great height, the ocean and jungle views are unobstructed from a viewing terrace on the plane's wing. On the inside, teak wood paneling from Java makes the room cozy and warm. A flat-screen TV, a kitchenette, dining area and spiral staircase keep the room in modern luxury, even nestled up in the woods among the toucans, sloths and monkeys of the rainforest.


Interested in having a relaxing weekend on the Executive 727 Suite? The rates range from $400 to $700, depending on the season.  

The rest of the hotel is located just 300 yards from the beach of Manuel Antonio National Park. The cliffside pools, sun decks and uninterrupted coastline views offer some of Costa Verde's most relaxing luxury bungalows.


Credit: Costa Verde

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