This Mini Caravan Was Created In 1959. What It Transforms Into Is Absolutely Brilliant

Compact, portable, sleek designs with a low carbon footprint are the big thing in design right now, and for good reason. When you look at the enormous,, gas-guzzling caravans of the last half of the century, they look terribly antiquated and impractical for today's contemporary travel concerns. But if we turn the clock back to 1959, you'll see the Mini-Motel caravan, an incredible mid-century relic that's as practical and progressive today as it was 56 years ago.

Don't be alarmed, that's not a coffin, it's a boat. 

The Mini-Motel is lightweight enough that this mod family transported it on their Vespa, supervised by their cool side-car kid.

The big selling feature for this little camper is its set-up time, advertised as "less than a minute." 


It was the creation of Brian James and Ron Nugent of Portaplas, a company out of Emsworth, Hampshire in England. The Mini-Motel was produced very briefly before being replaced by the larger Portafold model with a similar design.

The Portafolds and Mini-Motels can still be found at online auctions, although several are fixer-uppers.

But with a little TLC, the Portafolds can still shine, like this refurbished 1973 caravan, brought back to life from a similar weathered condition.

One of the keys to the caravan's longevity is that it's made entirely from fiberglass. This material isn't prone to retaining moisture and rotting, a common fate for vintage trailers.


It's hard to believe that something this compact has enough space for four single beds.

The original Mini-Motels and Portafolds came with mattresses and storage spaces built in. This one has been refurbished, but the original Portafolds came with matching upholstery and drapes.

A matching classic car and classic caravan is the coolest roadtripping look you could ever ask for.

Enjoy the Mini-Motel's hilarious promotional video which promises that “even a moron, mechanically speaking, can fix it up in a matter of minutes." Just in case you were wondering.

Via: Messy Nessy Chic

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