This Mom Climbs, Hikes And Camps Across The Country With A Toddler In Tow

Toddlers aren't often considered the best travelers. And if you're planning a trip to hike and climb around the Grand Canyon? Most people wouldn't even think about it. Morgan Brechler, however, is not most people.

Brechler, a long-time nature lover, student of sustainable agriculture and community garden volunteer, has been bringing her daughter along on outdoor adventures since the tot was just a few months old.

Her daughter Hadlie is now a happy three year old and seasoned traveler, having already visited Joshua Tree in California, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and beyond.

With the help of a baby carrier, Brechler began toting Hadlie around with her well before she could walk, starting with short hikes in locations close to their home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Although she can now walk, Hadlie still takes rides in the carrier between rock climbs and rests. She might be accustomed to long hikes, but her three-year-old legs still get tired.


When it comes time to climb, Bechler doesn't have to baby her daughter, either, although they always use ropes and harnesses for safety.

Hadlie has been practicing her climbing skills from the age of 18 months, first on an indoor rock wall at home. 

Bechler feels "it's important for kids to be in touch with nature" since "we get so lost behind technology."

Her goal for Hadlie is to grow up and "appreciate life and [Bechler doesn't] think there's any better way for her to learn, grow and have gratitude than to be friends with Mother Earth."

Of course, Bechler does admit there are downsides to having a toddler as your travel companion.

She concedes that toddlers "are the most complicated living things on this planet." There are tantrums and other tough moments, but they're short-lived and don't compare to the positive aspects of their adventures.


A self-described "nature groupie," 25-year-old Bechler is living her own personal dream with these explorations and she thinks the benefits for her daughter are also priceless, even though she's too young to remember it all.

Bechler contends that these trips are shaping her daughter's character and turning her into the person she's supposed to be. Plus, the duo's many Instagram photos and videos serve as an excellent tool to remind Hadlie of all their adventures.

By sharing their journeys, Bechler hopes other parents will see that the old adage of your life being over after kids just isn't true.

"My life began when Hadlie became a part of it. She's my best friend and inspiration - there's no one else I would rather share my adventures with than her," explains Bechler.

Via: Daily Mail

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