This Mom Has An Interesting Way Of Taking Family Photos

Brandy Yearous is a stay at home mother and a frequent blogger for a number of platforms. Once her children were born, she thought of a unique way to document their growth and prepare them for the rest of their lives. The pictures she took of her son have not received as much fanfare as those of her daughter, yet they are equally representative of Brandy's approach to life.

What unique way did Brandy choose to document her children's growth throughout the years? Well, #4 is an amazing example of how her son's maturity has been documented and #6 is an amazingly adorable picture of her daughter.

Brandy And Her Family


Here is a picture of Brandy's family. Her daughter Allison (12) and son Ryan (14) have been the features of Brandy's interesting take on photo documentary.

Brandy And Her Children


Brandy has hundreds of photographs of her children, and has made sure that she will never forget a moment of their youth. Hard to deny how happy they look here!

Brandy And Allison


Allison has grown quite a bit since Brandy began her tradition, which they continue to this day. Allison remains as photogenic as ever. Just look at that smile!

Brandy And Her Husband

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Brandy wanted each of her children to literally step inside what it's like to be their parents. What exactly is this tradition that she began?

Here's A Small Hint

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Is this enough of a hint for you? What could these pictures mean? Did Allison like to play dress-up a lot as she was growing up? We'll find out in just a few slides.


Let's Start With Ryan

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Brandy decided to take a picture of her son Ryan in a pair of her husband's jeans every year to see how much he has grown.

See He's Starting To Grow!


Brandy kept the tradition going and thought it would be an interesting way to document Ryan's growth. He definitely started growing into his father's jeans.

Well That Didn't Take Long


Even before the age of 14, Ryan almost fit completely into his father's jeans. This kid may be 6' 8'' before he's done growing.

Now It's Allison's Turn

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Of course, Brandy included Allison in the festivities. Instead of a pair of her pants, Brandy took pictures of Allison in her old wedding dress.

And The Tradition Continued

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As Allison aged, the tradition continued. While a dress on a toddler may look a bit strange, there's no argument that Allison takes a nice picture.

Woah, That's A Big Dress


You never realize how large wedding dresses are until you see one on a small child. I wonder if she ever fell over while trying to get it on.


Allison Began Growing Into It


It became a little less difficult as Allison grew older. She definitely seems to be having a great time in this picture. Brandy was determined to keep the tradition moving forward.

The Straps Finally Fit Her Shoulders


Brandy was joyous when the straps of the dress finally fit over Allison's shoulders. At this point, she knew her daughter was really starting to grow up.

Brandy Has High Hopes


Brandy doesn't expect Allison will wear the dress on her own wedding day, but is hopeful she will choose an amazing dress when that day comes.

She Is Only Twelve


While Allison is only 12, her mother does have big wedding hopes for her daughter. Although, Allison's focus right now should probably be on high school.

This is one mother's unique way of documenting the growth of her children. What do you think about the tradition? Is it something you would do in your own family?

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