This Mom Wanted Her 4-Year-Old Son To Feel Cool, So She Made These Awesome Hearing Aids For Him

When UK-based Sarah Ivermee found out her son had hearing impairments, she reached out to her community and quickly bonded with other moms of children with hearing impairments. The other moms proved to be a valuable resource for her, especially as she looked into hearing aids for her own son. But when one of the other moms mentioned that her daughter was having trouble wearing the hearing aids at school, Ivermee came up with a brilliant idea to adorn the hearing aids with nail stickers. 

This idea worked like a charm and Ivermee now has a company called Lugs dedicated to her idea. Lugs provides fun, kid-centric designs and accessories to make hearing aids and cochlear implants something a child would want to wear. Today, Sarah Ivermee sends her designs to children across the world.

Ivermee's son, Freddie, was born with Congenital CMV which left him profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other. 


When he was just 2 months old, Freddie got his first hearing aid in his more functional ear while the family sought funding for further treatments.

At 3-years-old, funding came through and Freddie was outfitted with a cochlear implant. Freddie loved the implant and never wanted to remove his hearing devices.

Sarah was inspired to make the hearing devices something that more self-conscious kids would be proud to wear.


What started with just a few nail stickers has grown into Sarah's business selling affordable hearing device accessories. “Knowing children are not just happy to wear their hearing aids and cochlears but that they are proud to show them off makes it all worth while," she says.

At less than $20 a set, the designs incorporate vinyl stickers and adorable shapes customized for specific devices. Check them out at the Lugs website.

Via: My Lugs | The Mighty

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