This Mom's Outfits Might Be Experimental, But When I Saw Who Her Stylist Was, I Instantly Loved Them

Maybe Summer Bellessa was having one of those "I have nothing to wear" days when she was inspired to take on a one-week blog project. The actress and mom let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, pick out her outfit every day for a full week. A few are a little questionable, but you can't deny that her kiddo has a good eye.

“A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do,” Bellessa writes. “It was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small way. He enjoyed having his opinions heard…“

Day 1

Summer's nude heels, large purse, grey tights and Bob Dylan tee are very Silverlake chic.

Day 2

This look with polka dots, the Mickey Mouse shirt and sparkly flats practically screams Minnie Mouse.


Day 3

This look might end on a little too ‘90s alterna-teen but Summer says nobody batted an eye. “I was a little self-conscious running my errands that day, but again, to my surprise I didn’t get one double-take or stare of curiosity. Instead, I got a woman who stopped me to tell me she liked my socks!”

Day 4

This was the day that Summer's little fashion muse chose three shirts and no pants. She finally pleaded with him to put back one of the shirts and traded it for a pair of pants.

He maybe didn't realize that these were two different shoes. Or maybe he's practicing the Japanese art of wabi-sabi.


Day 5

He paired this shirt with jeans, but not after voicing his dismay at his options. "Rockwell loves arrows. He looked for pants that also have arrows, but had to settle on a pair of jeans.”

“He also pulled out two boots, a rain boot and a brown cropped boot. He looked at them and asked, ‘Are these close enough?'” The asymmetrical look is so in, Rockwell. You're ahead of your time.

Credit: Babble

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