This Mother Was Pregnant With Baby #4 Until She Finds Out ... She's Having Triplets

They say that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Sometimes those surprises can be beautiful and other times they can be incredibly difficult. One couple recently had a surprise that gave them a little dosage of each - joy and potential tragedy.

Chloe and Rohan Dunstan had a beautiful family of three boys aged 1, 2 and 3. Still, the Australian couple decided to try one last time and see if they could get a girl this time. 

They were overjoyed. Having been blessed with three great kids already, they were really looking forward to the new arrival. This pregnancy was a little different though and Chloe's belly grew much more rapidly than it had before and it showed no signs of stopping.


A quick ultrasound revealed the reason: they were having triplets! In one fell swoop, their family was going to be doubled. Among the three babies was the daughter they had longed for.

The ultrasound also revealed some bad news - the baby girl wasn't getting enough oxygen. The parents were now faced with a horrifying choice. They could either let the little girl die in the womb to ensure a healthy delivery for the two boys, or they could induce birth early and potentially put all three babies at risk to save the girl.

After serious deliberation, they decided to try to save all three babies. Chloe got ultrasounds every day to monitor the situation. After 28 weeks, the little girl was still fighting and getting stronger. Three days into her third trimester, Chloe gave birth. The babies were still in danger though having been born so early. They spent weeks at the hospital and received several blood transfusions.


Even after the babies were born, Chloe and Rohan still struggled with their decision knowing that they had put all three in danger. Luckily, all three were fighters and kept gaining strength.

Nine weeks later, Henry and Rufus got to come home while Pearl stayed behind for a few more weeks to gain more weight (she was just two pounds at birth). Eventually the whole family was reunited and the parents now have six kids under the age of four to deal with!

The journey is just beginning for this family, but they've already proven that they have plenty of resilience to handle any challenge life throws at them.

Via: Diply

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