This Natural Recipe Can Help Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair Permanently

You may not have known it, but your house is full of things that can be used as beauty products! Check out some of these great tips below to find out what beauty secrets your household items have been hiding from you right under your nose.

1. Use a wet toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, making them soft and supple.

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2. Itchy skin? An oatmeal bath will soothe that in no time.

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3. Did you know cooking spray could dry your nail polish faster?

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4. Use a mixture of oatmeal, lemon juice, and honey to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

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5. Apply Vaseline before spraying perfume to make the scent last longer.



6. Apple cider vinegar is a great skin toner.

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7. Prevent rust rings in the shower by coating the bottom of your product cans with clear nail polish.

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8. Plain yogurt is good for soothing a curling iron burn on your skin.

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9. Mix honey and cinnamon for a wonderful face mask.


10. Coconut oil helps give your hair strength and shine.

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11. A moist green tea bag helps reduce puffiness on the eyes.


12. It might sound strange, but olive oil is actually a great face wash.

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13. Add brown sugar to your body wash and, voila! Instant body scrub.

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14. Use clear tape as a guide when making cat eyes.

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15. Ran out of shaving cream? Conditioner doubles nicely in a pinch.

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