This New Medical System Projects An Image Of A Patient's Veins On Skin

Mar 14, 2015

Anyone who's ever had to give a blood sample or receive medicine intravenously will agree that it's pretty much one of the least enjoyable things ever. What many people don't know, though, is that nurses don't love it, either. Intravenous injections are one of the most frequent and invasive procedures they have to perform, and one study found it can take anywhere from 1-14 attempts to successfully place the needle.

Tennessee-based Christie Medical Innovations is hoping to change that with their new "VeinViewer" device. Using infrared technology, the VeinViewer projects a live image of the patient's veins onto their skin for foolproof injections. It's already being implemented in some hospitals, so here's hoping it catches on.

For a detailed explanation of how VeinViewer works, watch the video below.

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Credit: Christie Medical Holdings 

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