This Nurse's iPhone Tip Could Help Save Your Life In An Emergency

Technology pervades through nearly every part of our lives. While most of us generally think about our phones in the context of playing games or taking fun videos that can be shared on Wimp, our phones also have some features that can potentially save our lives in case of an emergency. 

Recently, a public hospital employee named Julia Thompson posted about a slightly lesser-known iPhone feature that can be a major help to medical professionals if you ever find yourself hospitalized. She says that "any patients come in and we have had no way of knowing who they are or how to contact their next of kin. And their phones are locked!" It should be pretty easy to appreciate the kind of conundrum this puts doctors in. Luckily, there is a free iPhone app that can make your medical information quickly accessible by paramedics, even if your phone is locked.

This is the icon for a free app that comes standard with most new iPhones, simply called Health. It's a white square with a little pink heart in the top-right corner.


The Health app has a lot of useful features like a step counter, run/walk distance calculator etc. It's a pretty nifty way to keep healthy and stick to your new year's resolutions. While those features are great, the one we'll be looking at today is the Medical ID feature.


The Medical ID feature is shown here at the bottom of the Health app's dashboard, highlighted by a green arrow.

Colleen Annek

After clicking on the Medical ID button, you'll see a screen with prompts to enter your pertinent medical information such as Medical Conditions, Allergies & Reactions, Medications, and more. It's the kind of information that could help paramedics and E.R. staff make life-saving decisions much more quickly.


Upon entering all of that information, your information can then be accessed from your lock screen, as seen below.

Julia Thompson

In her post, Thompson wrote the following: 

Working in a public hospital and seeing patients in E.D. I appreciate many patients come in and we have had no way of knowing who they are or how to contact their next of kin. And their phones are locked!

But many people don't realise that you and patients can set up something called a "Medical ID" on your iPhone if you have the health app (free with phone). This information can be accessed even while the phone is locked by clicking on the emergency options and can display things like name, DOB, emergency contacts, medical conditions and even blood type and donor status. You can even add notes.

It can be managed by clicking on the little "Health" app that comes default on the phone (heart icon and then in the app go to the little star shape with "Medical ID") and given everyone I have spoken to today has never heard of it, it seemed like a social media share kind of moment!

But don't simply share it-update yours also!!

(I believe android have an app called "I.C.E./In Case of Emergency" that works similarly and if you don't like apps don't forget [going to] the good old fashioned owner information, enter your emergency contact and 'I.C.E.' as the owner and tick the "show owner information on lock screen").

Via: SF Globe

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