This Odd-Looking Device Turns Any Staircase Into A Safe, Fun Slide

Every once in a while, a toy comes along that’s so ingeniously simple and fun that it appeals to kids and adults alike. Well, the wait is over because The SlideRider is here and I guarantee parents and children will both love it. Inventor Trish Cleveland is working with to create this toy that turns virtually any staircase into a fun, kid-safe slide in minutes.

The SlideRider lets you convert any staircase into a safe, fun slide.

The SlideRider folds up neatly for convenient storage...


… And unfolds quickly whenever you want to use it.

Now we’re ready to have some fun.

This fun, safe toy has a lot of appeal for kids, as well as grown ups. I know I miss the slides from my childhood. Anyone else?

Rest assured, I’m staying up to date on The SlideRider, because I’m getting one for my house the minute it’s up for sale. How much fun would those boring office dinner parties be if guests could slide down the stairs after using the bathroom?


Credit: Quirky | ViralNova

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