This Old Desk Was About To Get Thrown Out, Until One Lady Decided To Transform It Into This

When Imgur user CandySnow finally moved into an apartment that would allow her to have a dog, she was delighted. But she also understood that it would be a bit of an adjustment for her cats. So as a peace offering to them, she converted an old piece of furniture into an incredible cat condo for just $50 for materials.

Here was the original hutch. Very ho-hum and not being used much.

Her first step was to take the hutch apart and wrap carpet strips around each of the shelves.

She tacked the corners and stapled it securely into place.

The corners presented a challenge since the carpet was so thick, so she made the right corners steep and sharp.

And then just trimmed them down, similar to binding a quilt corner.

To make things even tougher, the front corners were rounded.

She stapled it around the curve and used extra reinforcement staples to make sure the carpet wouldn't be going anywhere.


Then, she poked holes with a utility knife to reassemble the shelf beams to their posts.

The wood pegboard looked out of place, so she removed the pegs.

They left these holes in their place.

An extra piece of carpet covered the strip up.

And then she found the peg holes once again.

The pegs went back on easily.

The posts were going to be covered half in carpet.

Definitely one of those "measure twice, cut once" deals.

The carpet posts are great for cats to rub their faces.


The other beams were wrapped in thick twine for scratching posts. 

The top required a little bit of stapling, where the posts met the carpet.

She wrapped the base of the posts in twine.

And then she spiraled it neatly over the top.

The pegs are perfect for hanging cat toys. Bonus: they are too high up to be co-opted by the dog.

It's the perfect place to escape from the chaos of a new puppy.

And it's great for letting out frustration, a good scratch at the posts.

The cats took to it right away.

They even agreed to share. (But just with each other. The dog is still going to take some getting used to.)

Credit: Imgur

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