This Old House Hasn't Been Renovated In 70 Years

When a 96-year-old Toronto woman put her house on the market, she might have made mention of how the house hadn't been updated for some time. It's to be expected that elderly homeowners might have a property that looks a bit dated. But listing agents Gladys and Carla Spizzirri never expected what this home looks like on the inside.

From the outside, the home built in the 1940s, looks typical of the Bloor West Village neighborhood.

But it’s the inside of the home that really shines.

The owner had lived in the home for 70 years. Although a seamstress by trade, she always thought she had an eye for interior design.

She had a great sense of a muted color palate, mixing seafoam with golds and warm pinks in this comfortably feminine living room.


The formal dining room is very archetypal of the 1960s with a matching dining set and buffet table.

The curved edges and monochromatic scheme of this kitchen are keeping with the late 1950s and early 1960s style.

When the home got its overhaul in the mid-1960s, the kitchen was redone. The 1950s original Moffat stove is still in working order.

The pink built-in breakfast nook with wrought iron and the vinyl cushions matching the roses and two-tier drapes perfectly.

In the bedroom, the homeowner brought her love of purple into play, matching bright, cheerful carpet with a fuschia settee and lots of white and gold trims.


The guest bedroom is warmly inviting with bright pinks and golds. The homeowner said this was her favorite room in the house, which is decked out in her favorite color.

The family bathroom's bright colors are tamed by the use of matte gold to soften them and open up the space.

Other features in the home are a wood-paneled rec room, Bavarian mug collection and sewing room. Would you change a thing in this perfect mid-century home?

Credit: Home and Garden TV

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