This Old Oil Rig Has Been Turned Into A Unique Hostel

Oil rigs aren’t exactly a dream destination. They’re stuck in the middle of the ocean, dirty, smelly and full of people performing difficult and dangerous jobs. We never thought we’d want to go anywhere near an oil rig, until we saw this place. It made us re-think everything we thought we knew – check it out.

Just an old oil rig in the middle of the ocean, right? 

Wrong! This is the Seaventures Dive Resort, built inside an old rig and located right in the middle of the Coral Triangle, off the coast of Mabul Island in Malaysia. 

The resort offers diving excursions basically nonstop. 

Although this type of diving is not for beginners, it’s not all the resort offers. There’s karaoke, a movie room, table tennis, pool tables, meals served on an open-air deck …

And plenty of areas for lounging with an unbeatable ocean view. 


There are 28 rooms on the rig, as well as two suites. Seeing the amenities, you’d never think you were on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean!

Bunk areas are also available for those traveling on a budget. 

These two are excited for some night diving. 

Here they are in Turtle Tomb, where carcasses of sea turtles are slowly becoming one with the sea. 

However, there’s plenty of live sea turtles around too! 

Diving with sea turtles would make any ocean-lovers dreams come true. 


And imagine finding yourself surrounded by a school of fish like this one. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. 

There are also plenty of wrecks and old equipment to explore under the rig. 

It’s become a place that coral thrives. How stunning. 

Ready to go back to the deck for something cold to drink and a relaxing view of the sunset? Just jump on the elevator! There’s no easier way to get yourself and equipment to and from the ocean floor, and for divers, no better dream vacation. 

Via: Sliptalk 

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