This Paralyzed Dog Was Found On The Beach. But Thanks To The Internet, This Woman Saved Him.

Meagan Penman, a model from Canada, was recently on the beaches of Thailand when she found a paralyzed dog struggling to walk. 

Penman immediately contacted several animal rescue organizations, but no one would take him. 

Penman had to find a way to keep the dog herself, so she set up a Facebook page and a GoFundMe page.

She also named the handsome dog Leo and took him to the vet. According to X-rays, Leo’s back was broken and there was no feeling in his lower legs. 


He was also filthy and covered in ticks. To Leo’s dismay, he had to take a bath. 

However, he felt much better after. Penman was able to raise $7,740, more than enough money to bring Leo back to Canada with her and buy him a special doggie wheelchair. 

Three months after they met on the beach, Penman and Leo arrived in Canada together. 

The next step was to find him a permanent home. 


Leo is so loveable that it wasn’t hard. 

A woman named Jamie saw Leo’s Facebook page and happily adopted him. 

Now Leo is at home in Sarnia, Ontario, and it looks like he is enjoying himself. 

Oh, and his wheelchair – that is pretty awesome, too. 

Credit: HelpSaveLeo

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