This Parrot Totally Loses It When He Notices His Turtle Buddy In The Mirror

When you think of animal best friends, parrots and turtles may not jump out as the most dynamic duo, but these two little cuties would beg to differ. They're best buds who love spending time together doing just about everything from eating meals to playing to just chilling out.

On this particular day, however, something about his buddy's appearance seems to elicit an unusually intense reaction from the little parrot. He's just enjoying a meal when he looks up and sees the turtle's reflection in the mirror, and starts to go wild! He hops back and forth in circles while chirping excitedly. 

Meanwhile, the turtle seems as though he couldn't possibly care less. He's just nonchalantly munching on some lettuce as if nothing happened, while the parrot continues to have an adorable freak-out. I'm just speculating here, but I've seen this combination of one really calm guy and one guy totally freaking out before. I'm just gonna say it - that turtle is David Blaine.

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H/T: Rumble Viral

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