This Pencil Has A Seed Inside It That You Can Plant After It's Been Used Up

As an adult, I'm sad to say I don't get to use pencils nearly as often as I'd like. A huge part of that is the fact that I, like so many of us out there, tend to do most of my writing on a computer or smart device. Although that's definitely a big part of why I don't use pencils, I gave up on them well before I became all about that keyboard life. The reason was because as you get older, sometime around high school or so, it becomes "unacceptable" to use pencils anymore - adults use pens, exclusively. I never got why that is, either. Perhaps it's a metaphor for how much more permanent and long-lasting the consequences of your decisions are as an adult ... or maybe my teachers were just sticklers for convention. 

For the most part, my adult life without pencils didn't seem like that big a deal, but after seeing Sprout World's sprouting pencil, I'm seriously considering switching back! This unique pencil is totally normal in every way, but instead of an eraser at one end, it has a seed pod. When the pencil has been used up to the point that it's just a stub, you simply plant the seed end into some soil and give it water, sunlight, and love the same way you'd do with any seed. In a few days, it'll start to sprout, and after a while you'll eventually have a fully-grown plant!

The idea was first conceived by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in 2012. A successful Kickstarter campaign caught the eye of a Danish sustainability consultant, and the company was officially founded in 2013. Today, they sell over 450,000 pencils a month with a huge variety of seeds/plants available.

They've convinced heavy-hitters like Ikea, Bank of America, TedX, the World Wildlife Fund, and even the Vatican to switch over to these unique pencils - so what are you waiting for? Get planting!

H/T: idea gorilla

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