This Photo Of A Nurse With A New Mom Is Getting Quite The Reaction On Social Media

Nurses are truly special people. Those of you who already know this will likely smile and nod your head in recognition. They work long hours comforting the sick and the wounded and cleaning up after them - often with little to no recognition for their work. 

While it's easy to see how doctors get all the credit when we're finally released from a hospital, there's simply no denying that without the hard work of the nursing staff, the hospital would grind to halt in no time. The care and attention that nurses provide is simply priceless. 

It's not surprising, then, that many patients often form close bonds with their nurses. One mother of four was recently inspired to thank them for all they do. Mommy blogger Jill Krause saw a photo by birth photographer Katie Lacer, and it spurred her to write a Facebook post that is now going viral.

The photo, which comes courtesy of Katie Lacer's photography business MommaKT Shoots, shows a nurse crouching down to help a new mom post-birth.

Katie Lacer

Here's what Jill wrote:

“I’ll never forget the faces of the nurses who followed me into the bathroom after delivering each baby. That moment when I was so vulnerable, so tired, scared, shaky. My swollen belly deflating, and my modesty long gone. They treated me with such kindness and dignity.

For me, these have been moments of empowerment and confirmation that I have a real village to help me, even if just for that little bit of time in a bathroom, on a toilet, while a kind nurse shows me how to put an ice pad on my mesh undies.

This photo by my friend MommaKT Shoots just takes me right back. Like, I can smell the Dermaplast. Let’s hear it for the nurses and the doulas and anyone else who shows us how to make ice pad underwear (or helps with that first shower post c-section!)”

That post quickly went viral, with moms everywhere posting heir own heartfelt responses about nurses who were there for them at a vulnerable moment. Here's what a few of them had to say:

“When i was pushing, I’ll never forget pulling my face away from my nurse’s chest to see her scrub top SOAKED with my sweat and tears. I was like, ‘Oh my god I’m so sorry!’ And she went,’Baby, this is life all over my shirt. Nowhere else I’d rather be. Now let’s get that baby out.’ I loved her. I can’t wait to be a nurse.”

“And here’s to the nurses who practically carry you to the toilet after a c-section…and hand you a popsicle after to celebrate your first post surgery walk.”

“I still feel bad for trying to punch the nurse who was pressing down on my uterus right after my c-section. It was a fight or flight reflex to the pain. She caught my fist with one hand, kept right on working with the other. She was a bad***.”

Katie explained that she caught the photo as the nurse helped the new mom with a cold pack on her first trip to the bathroom post-birth.

Giving birth is an incredibly difficult, physically demanding process, so it's a good thing nurses are there to make the process a little easier. I'm sure a lot of moms have wished they could bring the nurses home with them for the first few days/weeks with the baby.

Here's to all the hard work that nurses do. Cheers to you!

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