This Photographer Tells A Story That Will Move You To Tears. This Is Special.

When photographer Sara Marie Ramsoe met Jon, a little boy in her neighborhood, she knew she had to photograph him. With the blessing of his family, she photographed Jon, the 11-year-old boy with multiple handicaps, for an assignment from the Bilder Nordic School of Photography.

Jon was born without eyes.

It was a challenge to be close to a child that can't see and has difficulty communicating.

Still, his personality shone through.


The humor and the tenderness.

The photos also show the compassion of his family.

Jon's life, though often challenging, has moments of joy.


And grief.

Jon relies on his family for all of his basic needs.

These wonderful photos let us take a rare glimpse into Jon's unique world.

Credit: Sara Marie Ramsoe

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