This Pig Is The Smartest Student In Agility Class, But That's Not All That Makes Her Stand Out

A pig as a pet? Miniature pigs are an increasingly common sight in households across America. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are extremely clean animals. Smart as a whip, they learn faster and more easily than the average dog, and love a good tummy rub. These facts alone might convince someone that their next companion animal should be one of these pot-bellied charmers...

But before you rush out to your local farm, there are some caveats. Pigs are intelligent, but this can translate into stubbornness, which can lead to behavioral issues. Despite their name, miniature pigs can grow to weigh up to 300 pounds. Medical bills for pet pigs can be steep, as most vets are trained for dogs and cats. Qualified help is harder to find and frequently more expensive. Not only that, but you can also run afoul of local ordinances. Many jurisdictions prohibit farm animals.

If these obstacles don’t faze you, however, a well-cared-for pig can be the best friend you'll ever have, and certainly one of the cutest. 

Amy is currently the “top dog” in her canine agility class, despite not hailing from that genus.


Armed with her sharp intelligence and surprising agility, she tackles the obstacle course with the greatest of ease.

While her classmates might expect a gourmet treat in exchange for obedience, Amy only asks for plain, old lettuce.

When people see her clearing this course, they’re caught off guard by the cute smile and curly tail.

The dogs are a little more suspicious of this odd-looking peer of theirs, but quickly warm up, thanks to Amy’s affable demeanor.


She’s only six months old, but with many years of life ahead, who knows what else she willl learn? 

She’s already mastered tasks you would never expect from a pig.

Unlike some of her fellow students, however, she can be very impatient when it comes time for her owner to make good on the lettuce payments.

Credit: Seattle Times

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