This Pink Dolphin Is Extremely Rare

A Louisiana charter boat captain has recently spotted something that he had hoped to see again: a pink dolphin. Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana first caught sight of a dolphin named Pinky back in 2007 while fishing. At that point in time, Pinky was a baby, often swimming alongside her mother. Eight years later, Pinky has become an independent lady, swimming all by herself and at times with her fellow dolphins. Naturally, Rue has been fascinated by Pinky ever since he first caught sight of her, and had hoped from that day to see her again. A dolphin with her pigmentation is a very rare sight, indeed.

Fortunately for Rue, he has spotted her quite a bit lately, saying that he sees her swimming about almost daily in the warmer months. He thinks that Pinky may soon become pregnant, given her age, and is excited, as we all are, to see what her calf might look like.


Here is another pink dolphin, named Angel. She is the only albino dolphin in the world living in captivity, calling the Taiji Whale Museum in Japan her home. She was captured as a baby, in a rather disturbing fishing practice that involves herding dolphins into shallow water to make them easier to hunt. Instead of falling victim to this practice, she was brought to live at the museum.


Rue at first suspected that Pinky was like Angel, an albino dolphin, but while Angel appears pink in the picture above, Rue says that albino dolphins tend to have a more white color. Pinky, on the other hand, is entirely pink. The video below will show you more about Pinky and the possible cause of her incredible appearance. 

Via: National Wildlife Association | Erik RueTaiji Whale Museum

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