This Playground Looks Like Any Kid's Paradise, But It Was Designed For A Very Special Reason.

Hospitals are definitely one of the places that people are least excited to visit. The busy environment, often involving people in emergencies, along with the trademark scent of sterility from cleaning products, can make hospitals feel cold and scary, especially for children. A British arts organization, named Vital Arts, has tried to change that perspective by having 15 artists collaborate on a redesign of the interior of the London Royal Children’s Hospital, turning it into a fun place where children can be at ease.

Within the constraints of having to keep the hospital easy to clean and sterilize, the designers used a combination of wood, vinyl, ceramics, and some unique rugs to create an environment that allows kids to still feel like kids. With each artist in charge of a different ward, what they came up with is simply inspiring.

I would love to work behind this desk.

The super bright colors brighten the dull white walls.

A “warm welcome” feels especially warm when it is presented like this.

So much effort was put into making it not seem like a hospital and, instead, a place kids would rather be.

Using easy-to-clean wood to make pop-out trees makes everything feel so much more natural.


Instead of each room having a number assigned to it, Chris Haughton, one of the participating artists, decided to have each room identified by animal.

With all these beautiful trees behind them, even administration doesn’t seem nearly as boring.

The wooden animals on the walls are incredibly well done and make everything feel so much warmer.

The kids climbing a rope into the ceiling by the elevator lobby is so brilliant.


Ceramics are used to create silly dream worlds with animals along the walls.

Something so simple, such as outdoor scenery on the insides of the curtains, can be so impactful on your stay.

Such beautiful pictures can make wandering the halls so much less depressing.

I would have loved a play area like this when I was kid.

Source: Bored Panda | Photography: Vital Arts

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