This Professor's Extra Credit Questions Will Crack You Up

Feb 22, 2016

When we reflect upon our school days, many fond memories come to mind. Playing with our friends at recess, learning about our favorite subjects and joining five different after-school clubs, just to name a few. One memory that's the opposite of fond, however, is tests. Tests are the bane of every young scholar's existence. They're stressful, take a long time to study for and can have a huge impact on your grades and future. But, guess what? Teachers didn't like them any more than we did. Teachers have to write the test, make sure it isn't too easy or too hard, administer it and make sure nobody cheats, all before grading everyone's test over the course of the next few days. Even though no one enjoys them, it looks like tests are here to stay. There might be other methods for determining how well students understand material, but tests seem to be the cheapest and easiest option for schools at this time.

Before you get too bummed out about tests, there is a bright side. Every once in a while, a teacher will go out of his or her way to make tests fun and entertaining for students while still being educational. Recently, an Imgur user uploaded pictures of some hilarious extra credit questions on their statistics exams. They cover everything from rap lyrics to Full House, and it looks like the professor had a lot of fun writing them.

Teachers like this guy remind us how a great educator can make a huge difference in our academic endeavors. In fact, multiple Imgur users commented on the original post saying that they had teachers who did similar things when they were growing up. In life, there are lots of things that no one wants to do, but that doesn't mean we can't try our best to make them more fun while we do them. Check out this professor's unorthodox extra credit questions below and see how many you would have answered correctly!

This cool professor always surprises his students with fun extra credit questions on each exam. These are some of his best.


I might not have been able to guess eight seasons, but I'll never forget Val Kilmer in Tombstone.



Not many tests feature 2Pac lyrics.


Haha, it looks like this student tried to negotiate for more points.


Only 7 points? This student should have made an automatic A.



Leo could use some extra credit to help him win an Academy Award this year.


Wait, seriously? This seems too good to be true ...

Ah, very sneaky. With a professor like this, these students will make sure they read the fine print for the rest of their lives. If it were me taking that exam, I would have climbed up on my desk in a heartbeat. Whether you're still in school or haven't set foot inside a classroom in years, take a moment today to be thankful for our teachers and everything they've done for us.

Via: Knowable | SharkyTheSharkDog

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