This Pup Was Set To Be Euthanized, Until A Vet Took A Closer Look And Saved Her

For most of us, the decision to get a pet means an unconditional lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way, and it happens all too often. 

Take the case of 6-week-old Bo. The adorable pup woke up one day unable to walk, and instead of taking their precious puppy to the veterinarian, they decided to just take her to get euthanized. They had simply decided they didn't want to deal with the hassle and gave up on her.

Luckily, the vets were hesitant about putting down a puppy just on a whim and decided to run a series of tests to figure out what might be causing her paralysis. It didn't take long before they realized the condition was easily treatable.

Bo, whom they had now named Bella, was hypoglycemic, and her paralysis was simply the result of not being fed properly. The vets began treatment immediately, and after taking some IV fluids, it wasn't long before Bela recovered her strength. Unfortunately, she had another issue - she was terrified of people.

It took some work and a lot of care, but eventually, Bella regained her confidence and found the perfect home. "When I took her to her new home, I saw her play for the first time. She was playing with like 10 different toys at once and running around, and she was so happy," says Piper Wood, founder of Hand in Paw Shelter. "That was incredible to see because I’ve only seen the scared side of her. She’s definitely feeling so much better, and she feels at home now."

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H/T: Hand in Paw

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