This Quick Guide To Genetics Could Show You What Your Kids Will Look Like

Most people give at least a little thought to what their future children will look like. While we are learning new things about genetics and heredity all the time, there are some basic guidelines that can clue you in to who any future offspring might take after.

It often boils down to who has the most potent genes.

Southpaws, for instance, only make up about ten percent of the world's population ... And redheads? A mere one to two percent.


Eye color is something people often wonder most about when it comes to babies.

Although newborns are usually born with blue eyes, they're unlikely to stay that way. Only eight in 100 people retain their blue eyes, although the percentage is higher in some countries than others. This initial blue hue is due to the fact that, at birth, melanin hasn't yet been fully deposited in the irises.

In general, inherited characteristics are determined by which traits each parent (and their genetic predecessors) have that are dominant and which are recessive.

While a person might display all dominant traits, such as dark hair or dark eyes, they could well be a carrier for recessive genes, as well.


That's why some traits might skip generations.

So, while you might not end up with a mini-me or even a carbon copy of your significant other, you could see your parents when you look at your child.

Via: Aunty Acid

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