This Rescued Dog Travels With His Owner All Over The Country. The Pictures He Takes Are Incredible

Theron Humphrey's rescue dog, Maddie, is quite popular online. After Humphrey adopted her, he noticed that she had an amazing balancing ability. He takes her all over the place as he travels around the world. And he's taken some spectacular photos as well.

1. Maddie snuggling in the car, waiting for Theron.

2. What a photogenic dog.

3. Happy as can be enjoying the outdoors with Theron.

4. But like any close relationship, sometimes she gets annoyed.

5. But they're always side by side, through every adventure together.

6. She must know what a lucky dog she is.

7. Look at that amazing balance.


8. After a long day, just enjoying the sunset.

9. People love giving her tasty treats.

10. On lazy days, she just doesn't want to go out.

11. But once she's out, she's glad Theron made her get up.

12. Enjoying the hammock together.

13. Balancing on top of the car.

14. These two are inseparable.

15. Not many dogs have been where she's standing.


16. She's a dog with many tales to tell.

17. Enjoying the natural waters.

18. Sticking out the window is a lot different when it's this beautiful out.

19. Waiting for lunch.

20. It's been a long day.

21. Where to next?

Credit: Maddie On Things

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