This Rescued Lion Won't Go Anywhere Without His Blanket. This Is Too Cute

Lions are the kings of the jungle; the roughest, toughest cat in the animal kingdom. This depiction of lions as a symbol of strength, courage, ferocity, and nobility has been handed down to us over the ages and across a wide range of cultures. We all know that lions are meant to be feared.

Lambert, the African lion, is certainly proud and majestic...

... but he's not too tough to enjoy becoming a lion-burrito in his favorite blankie!

Lambert was adopted by Vicky Keahey, founder of the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Texas, back in 2014 after the family that raised him since birth decided to give him up.

Her first impression of Lambert was that he was like a puppy dog, just lazing around in the yard and soaking up the sun.

Keahey recalls how she "We received a call from the Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries (GFAS). They were contacted by a private owner who had [illegally] purchased Lambert for his young children after going to see 'The Lion King.' The little kids told their daddy they wanted a Simba, so he went out and bought them one."

After just a few months, however, the family decided to give the cub away. He was too tame to ever release back to the wild, so GFAS contacted Keahey to see if she had a home for him. The rest, as they say, is history.

That's how she learned about Lambert's most peculiar quirk.

When he first arrived at In-Sync, Keahey noticed that after initially exploring his new surroundings, Lambert seemed anxious and started pacing around. That's when she found out he used to sleep in a bed with the previous family's grandfather.

Figuring that he was used to sleeping in a bed with a blanket. She put a blanket in one corner of his enclosure and, sure enough, Lambert curled right up on it and went to sleep. He's always had a blanket ever since.


He also had to learn to eat raw meat, which is important for a young lion. Up until now, he'd only been fed cooked meat and human food.

Lambert is a lion of many talents. Besides being an expert lion-burrito maker...


... he's also an avid skateboard enthusiast!

Lambert discovered skateboarding via playing with plastic supply tubs when he was younger. He'd slide his feet in the tubs as if he was skating, so some of the workers built him an actual skateboard.

He's ready to give Tony Hawk a run for his money.


As you'd expect, Lambert has a big personality according to Keahey.

"If he likes you, you know it and if he doesn't like you, you know it," she says.

Still, he's basically a big ol' softie at heart.

He gets tons of love at In-Sync, and even gets birthday parties! When he turned two recently, he was treated to whipped cream, some paper to shred, and of course, his favorite blanket.


Lambert's really come a long way in two years.


No matter what adventures he has growing up, they always end like this:

Here's a compilation of Lambert and his favorite blankies through the years:


And if you're curious as to how he likes to roll himself up, check this out:


Here's to you, Lambert!

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H/T: HeroViral | In-Sync Exotics

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