This Reusable Bag Can Be Made In A Matter Of Minutes, And All You Need Is An Old T-Shirt

Take a long, hard look at the inside of your dresser. How many of those t-shirts do you really need? Sure that annual picnic reunion was fun, but when are you actually going to wear the souvenir shirt? If you've got t-shirts that you never wear but can't bear to part with, turn them into eco-friendly tote bags. (Bonus, cotton totes are so much less likely to break and spill your groceries.)

First, cut the sleeves off the t-shirt. 

Then, cut off the neck bank. It should be a little deeper and wider than the original shirt.


Turn the shirt inside out and attach pins along the bottom. This will keep the fabric from shifting around and bunching as you work.

Sew the bottom of the shirt either with a machine or by hand.

Flip the shirt right side out and you've got a washable, colorful tote bag.


Better yet, make a couple and keep them in the car so you'll have them handy when you hit the store.

Credit: Indulgy

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