This Revamped 1960s Camper Makes For A Gorgeously Quirky Vacation Rental

In years past, most vacations involved a stay at a regular old, run-of-the-mill hotel or motel. Now, sites like HomeAway, Airbnb and Outdoorsy have it made very easy to book accomodations that are cozy, personal and, occasionally, quirky. 

Quirky is definitely the case for Chris Sawey's 1962 Beeline Camper.

He parked the vintage home-on-wheels on a nice wooded plot in north Austin, Texas and dubbed it #MotelCamper.

From the outside, the camper has retained its kitschy Sixties charm, but the inside is a whole other story.

Personalized, creative touches, like this hand-drawn welcome sign, are plentiful inside the 80 square foot space.

While it's true that the camper is tight on space, it has everything you need. Even better, it's all almost within arm's reach.

Sawey describes it as "low-impact and minimalist," which is ecologically appealing. Don't worry, though; there's still WiFi access.


The interior has been completely remodeled, from top to bottom, in a style the owner describes as Pinterest-meets-HGTV.

The rustic wall, for instance, is all reclaimed barnwood.

The camper is designed to accommodate two visitors; make sure your traveling buddy is someone you're comfortable with, since it certainly is close quarters.

While the city of Austin is one that deserves exploring, the camper invites relaxation, too, with the comfy bed and flatscreen TV.

The fully-equipped kitchen is also a big plus, especially given the camper's size. There are plenty of pots, pans, utensils and small appliances.

There's a propane stove and running water supplied by a garden hose and outside collection bucket.

The amount of storage space is also surprisingly ample.

Guests can hang and fold their clothing and make use of the toiletries and first aid supplies that Sawey keeps in the camper.


Most surprisingly, perhaps, is that the rental comes equipped with both shower and toilet.

Sawey says that showering under the stars is one of the biggest advantages to staying in #MotelCamper. Even the most modest can enjoy the outdoor shower, as there are two shower curtains for extra privacy. The composting toilet is small but fully functional, as well as eco-friendly.

Just as good as what can be found indoors is the outdoor space included in the rental price.

The new propane grill is perfect for cooking up a meal and the shady seating area was made for eating or relaxing. 

Via: Little Things | Chris Sawey

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