This Seemingly Ordinary Pile Of Logs Is Really A Tiny Cabin

Imagine you're walking through the woods and you stumble upon what looks like a stack of cut firewood. But there's something a little strange about it. And then you hear … music coming from the firewood? Take a closer look.

From here, it looks like a normal stack of cut logs. Nothing to see here.

As you get closer, the music gets a little louder and you see some strange lines across the logs.

All of a sudden, they open and they're windows. This pile of wood is a perfectly camouflaged log cabin.

You could get fairly close to the cabin and never notice it at all.

This beautiful space, surrounded by nature, is currently being used as a music studio.

It's incredibly cozy and creatively inspiring.


You can still see out of the windows and maintain your sense of privacy when they are closed.

But when the windows open, you have an amazing panoramic view.

Spending some time in the great outdoors has never looked so comfy.


The natural light just pours in.

Such a beautiful, contemporary take on the log cabin.

This cabin was custom designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch performer Hans Liberg to use as a recording studio. Because of the construction of the steel and plastic framework of the cabin, it could be dressed up to fit in a variety of locations, depending on its placement.

Credit: Thomas Mayer Archive

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