This Shipping Container Might Look Like Trash, But What These People Use It For Is Beyond Awesome

It's the word that's on everyone's mind lately: upcycling, the art of giving something old and discarded a new life and purpose through innovative artistry and design. Most upcycling projects are simple DIY endeavors, like building a shelf from an old step stool or repurposing old food jars into household storage. 

But Denmark architectural office Arcgency created an upcycled house by repurposing three old shipping containers. You would never believe that this fabulously modern home came from such humble beginnings.

"In the making of architecture, a high percentage of the world’s resources are used," they explain in their mission statement, "As architects, it is our responsibility to create a better world, with better cities without exploiting nature."

This home is in Wuxi, China. The shipping containers are fitting, given Wuxi's history in China's economy as one of the birthplaces of modern industrialization.


Wuxi gets quite hot in the summer and occasionally cold enough in the winter for snowfall, so it was important that the home be well-insulated.

Bellows-style glass doors let light into the wide open kitchen area and allow for breezy ventilation in the warm summers.

A lofted hallway to the second story flows with the open-air layout but keeps it from feeling too cavernous.

The minimal palate allows for well-placed pops of color and really brings out the greenery of the foliage outside.


A rectangular grid-style planter provides the hint of separation between the dining and living room areas and adds a gentle, organic element against the crisp interior lines.

Would you live in something like this? 

Credit: Arcagency | Wikipedia

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