This Simple-looking Backyard Shed Is Actually An Awesome Movie Theater

The most luxurious mansions in the country have their own private movie theaters built right in. There's nothing quite like sauntering up the red carpet with fresh buttered popcorn and an ice-cold soda. Even if you don't have a fancy McMansion, you can still create your very own movie theater right in the space in your backyard.

It started with a plan online.

The first thing to be built was the frame for the shed.

It's small, but it's well made and carefully insulated.

The rafters go in.


And track lighting guides the way.

It looks like an adorable little shack.

The colors are warmed and weathered to match the exterior of the house.

But the inside is where it really shines.

It's a beautiful miniature movie theater.


It's got a concession stand.

And the family's whole collection of movies.

And when the movie theater is right in your backyard, you are always right on time for the show.

Via: Torii Cinema Company

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