This Slovenian Town Has An Unusual Tradition To Banish Snowy Weather, And It's Sight To Behold.

Winter can be a cold, harsh time, and drudging your way through snow is nowhere near a pleasant experience. While most of us bundle up and wait for winter’s passing, groups of Slovenians like to take a more pro-active approach to ending the cold season.

The Kurentovanje festival is a celebration signifying the coming end of winter for Slovenians and other local groups in the area. During the celebration, locals often wear elaborate masks and costumes to scare and chase away the last remnants of winter.

The main stars of the show are these figures, called Kurent or Korent. They wear massive outfits of thick sheepskin, large bells, and head ornaments.

Large headdresses and face masks are worn by many of the locals as part of this century old tradition.


Costumes of the traditional native characters called Ta Terjast are seen posing here. 

This person is dressed up as the traditional character known as Bajer.

This character, known as Skopiton, is one of the oldest known characters in Slovenian tradition.

Around 100,000 people celebrate the festival each year. It lasts 11 days and ends on February 17.


Below is the classic character known as Ramaston, who is often depicted with a fishing pole.

Each year there is a huge parade that takes place on what locals call Shrove Tuesday. It takes place on the last day of the celebration in the city of Ptuj. 

A man dressed as a character that locals simply call “Devil.”

Credit: The Daily Mail | Reuters

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