This Small Group Of Men And Women Are Making Beautiful Globes The Old Fashioned Way

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to put your hands on a map. With GPS and Google Maps, atlases and road maps are gradually becoming obsolete. Physical navigational aids in general are starting to disappear, even lighthouses. Around the world they are being decommisioned and sold off as redundant. So imagine our surprise when we happened across a company that has dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of the globe. The most niche of all mapping tools, the globe is not easily transported and takes up a fair bit of room.

That seems to be a selling point for Bellerby & Co.’s customers. Their largest globe is 50 inches in diameter.

More spectacular than their dimensions is the fact that each globe is constructed and painted entirely by hand.

Strips of map called “gores” are given a first coat of paint individually.

Then carefully layered onto the globe structure.


It takes a lot of training and a careful hand to prevent bubbles and overlap.

Soaking helps the paper stretch into shape, but even this has to be perfectly timed.

It’s a labor of love as much as a product to be purchased.

Mastering these skills can take up to six years.

The results speak for themselves. Exquisite and perfectly balanced works of art.


The founder of Bellerby & Co. is hoping to turn the company into something he can pass on to his children.

He might have some competition, though, when people see just what living your passion can produce.

Sometimes, the old ways really are the best.

Via: Bellerby & Co. 

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