This Started Out As An Ordinary Ladder. Just Wait Until You See What This Guy Turned It Into

Having a big walk-in closet is a home addition no one would turn down. Sadly, a lot of us have to utilize the space we already have. Settling with a small space isn't all bad. A creative couple took advantage of their limited space and created a stylish closet organizer. Their ingenious creation made their room look so much better.

Here is the before picture. This is a good look at the space they were working with.

They began the project with some good, old-fashioned, pen-to-paper planning.

This ladder was one of four ready to assemble...

And they weren't made for holding up people.


 They serve as the centerpiece and support for all their clothes and shoes.

The ladders also needed some support, so that they wouldn't buckle in and give out. Nailing down foundational braces did the trick.

Here is where it all started to come together. Shelves were added between the rungs.

This is the completed shelving unit.

But the project wouldn't be complete without testing out the final product.


Now, the space-saver is making use of its convenient design.

This looks a whole lot better than piled up bins and dull shelving.

A project like this is something every house could use. It makes the room look so much bigger.

Credit: ViralNova | Imgur 

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