This Starts Out As A Normal Clay Pot. But By The End, It Becomes An Intricate Masterpiece.

When you see the finished product of Hong-Kong artist Johnson Tsang, it's hard to visualize how exactly he created it. Luckily, Tsang photographs and blogs his process. You can really appreciate the craftsmanship and detail that goes into his anthropomorphic sculptures.

It starts with a simple clay pot.

Using simple pottery tools, Tsang bends the form.

He uses a wheel to turn the piece as he works.

He makes the outline for the limbs as he builds up the form.


Then, he starts on the additive pieces.

This will become the head of the piece.

The amount of detail in the head is absolutely stunning.


Filling in and shading the details makes them pop.

It's hard to believe that this started as a simple pot and now it's a gorgeous dragon.

Credit: Johnson Tsang

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