This Starts Out As An Ordinary Copper Disk. By The End, It Transforms Into Something Beautiful.

Redditor BigBillH got several requests for a photographic tutorial on making copper flowers. He says that he learned from online tutorials but that it's an easy, crafty task for a beginner with very little equipment.

Here is the final product.

The first step is to cut three circles of more or less the same size out of a thin sheet of copper. The diameter of the copper will be basically the size of the flower. You'll drill a hole in the center of each circle.

Cut five lines to the center, about 1/4" from the center-drilled hole.

Pull back the edges and snip the sharp corners.

To make the stem, twist two thin copper rods together.


Bend one rod up and tuck the other down. 

Sand down the edges of the petals with a sanding tool to make the flowers safe to handle.

Insert the rod into the petal sheet.

Pull the inner petals up and fold them in on each other, bending the tips down as you go.


Add a little leaf for extra whimsy. These would make incredible Christmas presents.

Credit: Imgur

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